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Our Products 


Premium Steel Gutter Guard Systems

The absolute best possible leaf prevention system is one which provides:

·         Complete covering, extends the roof line to the gutter lip leaving no cavities for debris & leaf litter to build up.

·         Has optimum sized perforations to allow all rain water & sun in but keep all debris & leaves out.

·         An angled "ski slope" surface allowing debris to simply blow off your roof.                                     

·         A credible flammability rating given by a reputable source like the CSIRO.

·         A manufacture's realistic guarantee on all materials.

·         Complete vermin & pest entry prevention

·         Only a 3-4mm aperture on our powder coated aluminium mesh!


Shoal Leaf & Gutter Guard's Premium products are manufactured using top quality Aluminium Mesh & BlueScope steel fixtures & fittings.

These materials will outlast competing materials. We fully colour match our leaf protection to your roof.


In a bushfire area?


Our premium leaf guard is council approved for bushfire prone areas & is definitely the optimum product & price for you. It has a flammability index of 0 from the CSIRO making it the absolute best protection available. BlueScope & Colourbond® steel are used in manufacturing our components ensuring long lasting gutter protection. You can have confidence in installing our products on your home, all materials & components are manufactured with premium quality and longevity as the focus.

Having Bird Proofing Issues?

Our Gutter Guard is guaranteed to prevent unwanted Starlings, Indian Minor & all birds from entering your ceiling.

Indian Minor & Starlings find simple access to your home underneath your roofing, and under your valleys.

Preventing these birds from entering your roof can be easily done with Shoal Leaf & Gutter Guard's SGA Leaf Guard System.

The strong mesh completely covers your roof cavity leaving no area for birds to access your home.



Our leaf guards are bushfire rated & council approved!




Leaf Screener system fitted to a tile roof, Leaf Stopper & All Flow Manafactures

   Leaf Screener system fitted to a metal roof, Leaf Stopper & All Flow Manafactures


Steel Leaf Guard Fully Coloured to your tile or Colourbond Roof





Why You Need Our Gutter Guard?


· Eliminate the dangerous & time-consuming task of cleaning out & unblocking your gutters.

· Full gutters & built-up debris is a serious fire hazard.

· Fully colour matched in Colourbond colours to suit your roof and guttering.

· Blocked gutters cause water overflow potentially damaging your home & business.

· Prevent Birds, Vermin & Pests from entering your home & business.

· Add value & eliminate unsightly debris build up on your property.

· Greatly improve rainwater collection quality & quantity.

· Extends roof line to outer edge of gutter, this is far superior to other gutter guards which place the guard in the gutter. This only adds to the problem as they provide flat surfaces & cavities for debris to settle.

· Will not break or tare. Our resilient gutter guard will resist most impacts from falling debris

How our preferred system works.


First the mesh is attached to the lip of the gutter using a 90-degree Colourbond® angle colour matched to your guttering.

The angle is fixed with class 3 fixing screws. The other side of the mesh will then be cut & conformed to your tile profile & placed over the first tile & under the second, or in the case of a metal roof the mesh will be fasten using Colourbond saddles.

Our product also fits to tile & metal valleys (the section of a roof where two faces intersect). The mesh is precisely cut & fixed where necessary to provide complete valley coverage. 

EVERY gutter guard will require maintenance! However, with our systems; nature does most of the work, leaf’s & debris are left to dry & 99% blow off allowing water to enter your gutter for collection.

The perforations in our mesh are perfect size to allow flowing water & sun light into gutters preventing rot, mildew & silt build up.

This can happen in extreme cases. Our products are perfect for hosing out your gutters or simply remove the fixing trim to access gutter cavity.

No other system allows this with such ease but every other company will tell you, that you never have to maintain guttering after installation of their product which, is untrue


Click for close up pics & mesh details: PICTURES

Full Range Of Colours Available:


Complete colour list:

• Classic Cream
• Paperbark
• Evening Haze
• Cove
• Dune
• Gully
• Jasper
• Chocolate Brown/Dark Brown/Vincent Brown
• Terrain
• Surfmist (White)
• Shale Grey
• Windspray
• Wallaby
• Mangrove
• Pale Eucalypt (Mist Green)
• Cottage Green (Dark Green / Caufield Green)
• Basalt
• Woodland Grey (Slate Green)
• Monument (Charcoal)
• Night Sky (Black)
• Ironstone
• Deep Ocean (Mountain Blue)
• Manor Red (Heritage Red)
• Headland / Tuscan Red (Dark Terracotta)
• Terracotta (Pale Terracotta)


Wollongong to Jervis Bay


Our gutter guard is manufactured using BlueScope Steel.  Click here to visit our Products Page gutter protection.

Click here to view our FAQ page, Gutter Guard Common q & a's - Shoal Leaf Gutter Guard- We are based in Shellharbour NSW in the Illawarra region

We are a family business

with over 15 Years’ Experience.


Protect your home from bushfire & costly water damage.

Save time, money & add value to your home!


Servicing the Illawarra & Southern NSW Regions.

Owned & operated in Shellharbour NSW.

Our installation service is limited to these regions

however, we supply gutter guard Australia wide.


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